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"The school supports the achievement of its most-able pupils very well."

- 'Good' OFSTED REPORT 2017 - Moorside Junior School


Nurture groups turn children’s lives around, ensuring no child is left behind, and are also an excellent ‘sharp end’ intervention, allowing teachers dedicated time and a framework through which to work with individual children to identify whether their needs could be met in school or if another course of action is necessary, such as an assessment for SEN support.


The aim of introducing nurture groups is to improve the outcomes for vulnerable learners and pupils disadvantaged and tackle social exclusion by ensuring that an unequal start in life does not mean an unequal chance to engage with learning. The Nurture Group will mean that disadvantaged or disengaged child have access to a nurturing intervention to equip them with the skills and resilience they need to make the most of learning and school. This will be done by supporting the development of nurturing interventions in school through training, resources and support.


The children are carefully selected according to their individual holistic profile of needs, identified using the Boxall Profile (a resource that gives practitioners a precise and accurate understanding of children’s educational and behavioural difficulties), whilst also ensuring the establishment of a cohesive nurture group. Social and developmental targets for each student in a nurture group are devised on the basis of the Boxall Profile.

Once in the group, a nurturing philosophy rooted in attachment theory is used to ensure that children with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties are provided with the early nurturing experiences that are vital to learning. Staff have created an attractive, safe, structured environment with a number of areas and resources designed to bridge the gap between home and school.

Reviews from the Children

Gracie, Year 6

"My favourite thing about school is the teachers because they are so kind and helpful".

Andrew, Year 6

"I enjoy when we have Forest School because we have the best hot chocolate and marshmallows and find animals".

Emily, Year 6

"I enjoy doing art with Mr Moss and Forest School. The most enjoyable thing is going on residential trips like Marrick".

Evie, Year 3

"I like Literacy because it makes my writing better. I also like PE because we learn new skills that we don't know yet".

Ethan, Year 3

"I enjoy our big field as we can play on the play equipment".

Liam, Year 3

"I like PE as we get to learn with Mr Doey".

Xander, Year 3

"I like Forest School as we get to eat Marshmallows!"

Kolby, Year 3

"I enjoy play times as I get to play with my friends".

Beatrice, Year 3

"I enjoy reading because we learn new things from books".

Edward, Year 3

"I like Maths and Topic. In Topic, we find out about different Countries".

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Key Worker Registration

As you will have heard, schools are to remain partially open for specific groups of pupils over the coming weeks.  To help us collate a weekly list of children who will be in school so we can manage appropriate staffing, we ask that you complete this form EACH WEEK if you feel that you fall into a 'key worker' category and you require childcare for the following week.


Please make sure this form is completed by the Thursday prior to the following week you require childcare.